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Merchandise From Mars
Aug. 2, 2021

Hello my Earth Family! Today is an exciting day: there is now merchandise that you can purchase straight from Mars! (Don't worry, there will be Earth priced shipping fees, I cut a deal.) I worked in every part of the design for these and I'm super proud and I hope you'll like them too. Go to to get some stuff From Mars!

May 31, 2021

Hello everyone,
This is Sera.
I’m so excited to join ’stari’ so that I can be part of your special moment and personally connect with you all. Ask me any question that you’ve been wondering about, or request a personalized message for your family, friends or loved ones when there is something to celebrate, someone to encourage, or really whenever you want. I’d love to be part of your special story. So what’s your story? Visit me here: